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Who is Pardus?

Kaden Groves Pardus Super 5

The Pardus Super 5 back in 2018, ridden by Kaden Groves, who now rides for Team BikeExchange – Jayco.


PARDUS Ruibao Sports was founded in 2010, as the in-house brand of Taishan Ruibao Composite Materials Co., Ltd, a pillar enterprise of the Chinese sports industry, one of China’s largest carbon sports equipment manufacturers, a global comprehensive sports event service supplier, and the OEM producers of quality framesets for many established western bicycle brands. From its inception Pardus have focused on the production of high-end professional racing bicycles and bicycle products. The name PARDUS comes from the Latin word “leopard”, and in just 12 years the brand has established itself as the number-one name for high-end race bikes in China and eastern and south-eastern Asia.

In 2015 the Pardus TT frameset won the “CHINA CYCLE 2015 Product Innovation Award”. Pardus became the bike sponsor for the Chinese national team in 2016, participating in the last three Olympic Games road, track and triathlon events. The same year PARDUS passed UCI (International Cycling Union) product certification for models in their road bike, TT bike and track bike range.

In 2019 PARDUS provided neutral support services for more than ten major UCI sanctioned events.

In the 2020 Olympics four gold medals were won on Pardus bikes.

The Pardus Robin EVO won the IF Innovation Design Award awards in 2021. In the same year Pardus-sponsored Zhong Mengying of China’s triathlon national team took gold in the 2021 Ironman Asian Championships.

Pardus have been bike sponsor for the Australian-based St. George Pro Continental Cycling Team since 2018.

In 2022 the China Glory Cycling Continental Pro team was launched, with 12 international riders based in Europe, and presently race the Robin EVO and Spark EVO. With a goal to bring a higher level of professionalism to Chinese pro cycling, their big mission is the Champs-Élysées in 2025.

Radovan Štec

Radovan Štec – 2021 Omnium Junior World Champion, also taking silver in the madison and points races.

Bai Lijun

Bai Lijun taking bronze in the 2018 “Yi Ming Cup” Chinese National Cycling TT Championships.

China Glory Cycling Pardus Robin EVOs

Pardus Robin EVO’s, ridden by Europe-based China Glory Cycling Pro Team.

Pardus facilities and production

Pardus factory
Pardus factory
Pardus factory

Carbon fiber composite technology

Since different parts of a carbon fiber frame have different requirements for mechanical properties and material stiffness, Pardus carefully use carbon fibers with different modulus for the layup design, taking into account the continuity of layers, selecting the best materials for an application and obtaining the ideal ratio and combination of weight, rigidity and strength.

Pardus factory

One-piece molding technology

Through the combination of the latest carbon fiber production and vacuum airbag molding techniques, Pardus have innovated the integrated molding technology of inner and outer double molds, reducing junction errors to zero. This precise connection avoids any structural weakness caused by the butt joint of tubes and materials, ensures the overall stability of the frame structure and realizes the perfect combination of lightness, rigidity, strength and elasticity of the frame.

All higher-end Pardus frames use a single shell molding process. The technical application of the core mold determines the tightness and softness of the carbon fiber lamination, which has a significant impact on the physical properties of the finished frame.

Pardus factory

Ultrasonic testing and QC

Ultrasonic non-destructive testing technology is applied to production testing and quality control. Using reflected, transmitted and scattered ultrasonic waves, QC is able to macroscopically detect any defects, geometric characteristics, organizational structure and mechanical properties of a frame.